Door & Roof Seals

Door Seal

A car door seal has both protection and noise reduction qualities. The rubber seal that separates the bare metal of the door from the bare metal of the car body prevents friction between the two. Additionally it also ensures that water cannot leak in between those spaces into the car and allows for a quieter sound when the door is closed.
All types of

door seals

for every make and model of car can be sourced through car part suppliers should you need to replace this part.

Car Roof Seal

The car roof seal is usually a thin strip of durable rubber that lines the edges of the roof. It is responsible for sealing the interior of your vehicle from the outside environment, preventing moisture from entering and stopping the wind from whistling through your vehicle whilst in motion.

Car roof seals

may seem like an insignificant part, but they are essential for keeping the car in good condition. Quality

car roof seals

for every make and model of car are available to securely fit your specific vehicle. Show Less

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