Other Fluids

Other Fluids

Every vehicle runs on a range of fluids that do everything from keep the engine running smoothly to washing the windscreen. Without such fluids your car wouldn't be safe to drive, so make sure you keep them topped up before travelling.
Just like the blood that circulates around the human body, keeping organs alive and the heart pumping, a car wouldn't work without the vital fluids that allow it to run smoothly.

While engine oil reduces the friction caused when internal parts rub against each other and cause heat, and coolant prevents an auto engine from overheating, brake fluid is a vital component used in brakes to amplify braking force - allowing your vehicle to stop.

Other fluids, such as power steering fluid (the hydraulic fluid that transmits the power in power steering) and windshield washer fluid are also important in keeping your car safe.

For the health of your vehicle and your own safety, we have all the high quality car fluids you will need. Remember to regularly check the levels of your car fluids and keep them topped up.
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