Guages, Clocks & Knobs

Guages, Clocks & Knobs

Car Gauge


Car gauges

are usually located on the dashboard and contain information relating to the car's operation. Gauges for fuel, temperature, speed and distance travelled are usually fitted as standard. A car gauge measuring engine revolutions per minute (RPM) is also sometimes included, and if not it can be added to the dash if required.
A great choice of quality

car gauges

for any car are available to replace faulty units, and it is also possible to fit extra

car gauges

to measure such elements as oil pressure and boost power.

Car Clock

Most cars are fitted with onboard clocks. Such

car clocks

do of course fulfil a functional role, but they can also be highly stylised to enhance the look of the car's interior.
A car clock can be fitted near the dash that displays the current time and other relevant information in analogue or digital form. Most cars have clocks fitted as standard, but these are often very basic and lack aesthetic appeal. It is possible to fit an alternative clock, and there is a wide range of

car clocks

for every make and model of car to choose from.

Car Knobs

Car knobs are standard car parts of any car. When changing gears, the knob is the part of the gearstick at the top which the driver uses to shift the lever. Factory fitted car knobs are usually a basic flat plastic design with the gear numbers printed on top.
It is however possible to fit a new

gear knob

to personalise your car interior, and a great range of quality car knobs are available in a wide variety of attractive designs.

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