Pedals & Pedal Rubbers

Pedals & Pedal Rubbers

Car Pedals

When it comes to car pedals, it's important to have pedals that you're comfortable with, and which provide the maximum possible control over the car. If the factory fitted accelerator, clutch or brake pedals are uncomfortable for you to use, car pedals for every make and model of car are available to replace the originals.
A new car pedal can also enhance the interior look of your vehicle, but the focus should be on finding one that is comfortable and responsive.

Pedal Rubbers

To provide extra grip and prevent your foot from slipping on the accelerator, clutch or brake, pedal rubbers can be used. It is possible to find quality pedal rubbers for any car, and these can be used to enhance your driving experience and provide extra control.
A pedal rubber fits tightly over your original pedal, whether it is the brake, accelerator or clutch, and usually has a set of grooves in the surface to grip the surface of your shoe more effectively. Show Less

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