Car Spoilers

Car Spoilers

Do you want to improve your car's handling and make it look great at the same time? Here at you will find a wide range of car spoilers in many different shapes and sizes.
Car spoilers are designed to improve your car's aerodynamics, as well as enhance its appearance. Spoilers are usually made of metal or plastic, and fit to either the front or rear of your car.

There are three main types of road car spoiler: pedestal, lip, and front. The pedestal is a popular spoiler found on many supercars, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris. It sits on top of the boot of the car, and can improve stability, as well as making your car look more stylish.

Lip spoilers are much smaller than the pedestal. Most drivers add a lip spoiler to improve their car's appearance, but they can also help reduce lift. This gives you better control of your car when turning corners at speed.

Front spoilers (also known as 'air dams') block unstable currents of air from reaching the chassis of your vehicle. They also reduce drag, which can help speed up your car. The lack of drag can also improve fuel efficiency as your car needs less energy to move.
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