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Car Shampoo

To keep your car looking clean, shiny and at its best you should always use a high-quality car shampoo. A vehicle that looks great is a vehicle that's well-loved, and one you can truly be proud to drive!
While it is always a fun activity to give your car some attention and wash it during the summer months, it is actually best to use car shampoo on your vehicle on cold and wet winter days. This is because, during the winter, grime, dirt and road salt are much more prevalent on the road and could cause damage to your paintwork.

The amount of car shampoo you should use when cleaning your car depends on both the type and brand of shampoo that you choose to use. You should, however, always ensure that you utilise a clean sponge or car-wash mitt and a clean bucket of water. This guarantees that your vehicle will look fantastic and be in the cleanest possible condition.
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