Central Locking Pump / Motor

Central Locking Pump

Central locking pumps utilise a vacuum to engage and disengage car door locks at the user's command. They are generally found only on older vehicles, as the vacuum pump technology has since been superseded by the use of an electrical system. Many older models of Mercedes vehicles use a central locking pump to operate the locks.
A great range of central locking pumps is still available for those cars that use them, which is handy for anyone with an interest in classic vehicles.

Central Locking Motor

The electrically operated

central locking motor

has replaced the vacuum pump as the primary means of operating the locking system on modern cars. Central locking motors use electrical power to engage and disengage car door locks.
A faulty motor can result in doors that will not open or, conversely, will not lock. Fortunately a great range of central locking motors are available as replacement parts. Ensure that you select the correct type of motor for your vehicle. Show Less

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