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Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter

Since 2009, new diesel cars have to be fitted with diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system to cut emissions by law. If you need a new diesel particulate filter or want to fit one to an older car, choose Euro Car Parts to get the device you need at an affordable price.
Under EU legislation, many diesel cars need to have diesel particulate filters installed in the exhaust. These filters catch tiny pieces of soot that come from burned fuel, thus stopping them from going into the atmosphere. Once the filter is full, the soot is burned to ash, either when the exhaust temperature is high enough (passive regeneration) or when the car initiates the process itself (active regeneration).
While diesel particulate filters do a great job at reducing emissions, they can become defective over time and may need replacing – additionally, you may need to fit one to an older diesel car if it didn't have one to begin with.
Euro Car Parts sells quality diesel particulate filters that will keep your exhaust clean for thousands of miles. Use our online tool to find the right part for your make, model or registration, then simply click and collect or have your item delivered straight to your door. Show Less

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