Gear Levers & Gaitors

Gear Lever

The gear lever, or gearstick, is the primary means of changing gears when driving a car with manual transmission. Gear levers are also used in cars with automatic gears, though are usually limited to changing between neutral, forward and reverse.
When replacing the gearstick, it is recommended that you use only quality gear levers for any car, and ensure that it is fitted by a qualified mechanic or car fitter to ensure the safety of the vehicle and correct gear selection process.

Car Gaiters


car gaiter

is the sheath that covers the gearstick or handbrake handle from the visible base of the lever to the knob at the top. As well as protecting the metal lever itself from tarnishing and other environmental corrosives, car gaiters can be replaced to enhance the look of your car interior.
It is possible to choose from a wide range of car gaiters for any car, and these range from the functional to the fashionable and the outlandish. For the best results it is recommended that you use only a high quality

car gaiter

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