Golf and Mobility Batteries

Euro Car Parts offers a wide range of quality golf car and mobility batteries at the best prices on the web. If you aren't sure what mobility battery fits your scooter, power chair, or golf buggy, please get in touch.
All golf and mobility batteries use 12 volts of power. They are usually fitted in pairs to provide 24 volts. There are two main types of battery available for these purposes: those using lead-acid and those using absorbed glass matt (AGM) as a power source. Both battery types are sealed and require no maintenance.

Lead-acid batteries are less powerful and have shorter lifespans than their AGM counterparts. If you only use your mobility scooter occasionally, we recommend using lead-acid batteries. For golf buggies and heavy mobility scooter use, AGM batteries give you all of the power you need. To find the best battery for you, please browse the Euro Car Parts website, or contact us to discuss your needs.
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