Wiper Arms & Motors

Wiper Arms & Motors

Wiper Arm


Wiper arms

are a vital piece of equipment for any car. They allow the driver to navigate through hazardous conditions, maximising visibility in rain, sleet and snow. Whether your car uses a universal side pin type, a bayonet type or a dead lock type of wiper arm, there are quality

wiper arms

for every make and model of car.
As with any car part,

wiper arms

suffer wear and tear, but they are essential to the safety of the driver and the passengers, so must be replaced as quickly as possible.

Wiper Motor

The wiper motor is the component that causes the windscreen wipers to move back and forth.

Wiper motors

are electrically powered and use a worm gear reduction system to operate a linkage that moves the

wiper arms

. As the windscreen wipers are a vital aspect of car safety, it is essential that repairs or replacement are carried out as soon as the windscreen wiper motor shows signs of degrading.
Eurocarparts.com has a great choice of quality

wiper motors

for every make and model of car and they are usually designed to power the blades for around 1.5 million wipes in their lifetime.

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