10 Inexpensive but Highly Effective Car Accessories

Ten inexpensive but effective car accessories

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy quality equipment these days. The latest technology might come with heart-stopping price tags, but you probably will be able to find the same items for less money, even if it’s just got a different badge on it. The same premise is true with car accessories and parts.

You don’t need to spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds to improve your car as a lot of the car accessories that you can buy inexpensively will make a huge difference to the look, performance, reliability and efficiency of your vehicle.

In this guide we’ll take you through some of the car accessories available to buy at Euro Car Parts, both online and in our stores.

The car accessories you must own

A lot of car owners will have cringed at the sound of “store them in your garage”, knowing exactly how that will end up – car accessories all over the place along with your garden furniture, old vacuum cleaner, bikes and other household clutter. Oh, and a car in there somewhere too!

However, the first of our car accessories that you must own will help you organise your garage so that you can find everything you need, and the remainder are highly useful accessories with a series of benefits.

Workshop racking

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to be organised, with all of your tools and car accessories in one easy-to-reach location. Our workshop racking range is designed to help car owners store all of their tools and accessories in a safe place, keeping tools and fluids out of the reach of children and freeing up valuable floor space.

Warehouse racking is great for storage

The racking units vary in size so you can choose the one that is most suitable based on the amount of equipment you own along with your special restrictions. Best of all they are strong, durable and designed to sustain the weight of workshop tools and essentials.

Tool chests

In addition to – or instead of racking – you also have the option of specially designed tool chests that can wheel into position when you need them, and are easily stored against the side of your garage when you’ve finished working.

Designed by specialist tool manufacturers, our tool chests come in different sizes and styles with space for all of your essential tools, small car accessories and equipment so that you can organise and locate them easily.

Car polish

If you’re going to go to the effort of cleaning your car then you want to make sure that it looks its best when you’ve finished. By applying a layer of car polish you can help to bring out the shine your vehicle had when it first rolled off the production line.

Car polish can be applied manually using a cloth – and a bit of elbow grease – once you’ve dried the bodywork, or by using specialist polishing tools and equipment. By applying a layer of car polish you can help to prolong the life of the bodywork by protecting the paint against mud and other materials that splash off the road.

Car wax

Having applied the polish it’s then good to apply a layer of car wax to the bodywork. This is normally the final step in the car cleaning process and helps to lock in the colour and shine, protecting the exterior of the vehicle and helping dirt and grime to just slide straight off.

To make it even easier, some car wax includes polish so that you can get the best of both products with one easy application. Car wax is another great way of protecting your vehicle with another layer to block stone chips, scratches and loose materials thrown off the road by other drivers.

Alloy wheel cleaner

Your alloy wheels are something to really take care of. Any damage to the wheels can affect the steering, braking and life of your tyres so it’s important to get any damage repaired. However, if it’s only dirt on the wheels then you can use alloy wheel cleaner to get between the spokes, where the hose or pressure washer can’t quite reach.

Alloy wheel cleaner usually comes with a specialist brush so that you can take extra special care of your wheels, applying the cleaning products manually so that you don’t miss a single spot. One top tip for using alloy wheel cleaner is to use it after you’ve finished washing the car so that you don’t wash the dirty water down onto your freshly cleaned wheels!

Tyre foam

Punctures can be a nightmare for motorists, especially when all you want to do is get home after a horrible day at work or having spent hours on the motorway. If they do happen, however, it’s possible to block the smaller punctures using expanding tyre foam that acts as a temporary sealant.

Just spray the tyre foam into the wheel and it will naturally expand to replicate the air inside the tyre, only it won’t escape. This will allow you to drive (albeit at limited speeds and for a limited distance), on the tyre until you can get your tyre changed. You can carry tyre foam around with you in the boot of your car if you have an organiser, or you can keep it on your shiny new racking in case of emergency!

Tyre inflators

Under-inflated tyres can affect your steering, braking, acceleration and the fuel efficiency of your car so it’s vital that you pay attention to their condition. Your tyres need to have a certain amount of air inside them at all times, and while you can top up your levels at a petrol station, tyre inflators are the kind of car accessories that you can call upon at home as and when you need them.


Tyre inflators will quickly add air to your tyresTyre inflators plug into an electrical supply and connect to the valves in your tyre. They will then display the amount of air currently inside the tyre while inflating it, so you can keep your eye on the amount of air inside the tyre until you reach the desired levels.

Xenon bulbs

If you drive a relatively modern car, or you’ve had a conversion in your vehicle, then you will notice that Xenon bulbs are significantly brighter and more reliable than traditional car bulbs. The new breed of car bulbs have been designed to last much longer than the older versions, illuminating much greater sections of the road ahead and making you more visible to oncoming traffic.

However, at some stage the Xenon bulbs used in your car will wear or fail and you’ll need to change them. There are a variety of different Xenon bulbs available from numerous manufacturers, although it’s best to check your owner’s manual to ensure that you choose the right car bulbs for your make and model as they do vary from car to car.

Jump leads

Nobody ever wants to get stranded either at home or in the middle of nowhere. For that reason alone it can be highly beneficial to own a set of jump leads. These cables connect to the terminals in your car battery and that of another vehicle with some power, and transfer the energy from the working car to yours in order to get you moving.

While jump leads are great car accessories in terms of getting you going in the short term, it may be a sign that you have a problem with your battery or the alternator so if the problem persists don’t just rely on your jump leads, get yourself either a new battery or alternator.

Car air fresheners

Finally, get rid of those smells that build up inside your car with one of our car air fresheners. You can buy these as a bottle that can be sprayed as and when necessary or you can buy car air fresheners that clip into the air vents or hang from your wing mirrors.

Car air fresheners can help to restore that new car smell and to cover up odours such as takeaway food, mud and dampness from kids coming back from sports practice, pets and spillages. Available in a wide range of different scents, you can choose between the likes of pine, cherry and more great, fresh scents.


These are just ten of the most important and effective car accessories available from Euro Car Parts, and there are plenty more. Browse our full range of car accessories, suitable for all makes and models, to find those that make a difference to the performance, reliability, efficiency and look of your car.

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