5 Car Care Tips to Restore Your Car to Showroom Condition

Car cleaning is a popular and useful pastime for many

Whether you’re an expert at car maintenance or not looking after your car is essential if you are to get your money’s worth out of your investment. Cars don’t come cheap, but there are a number of inexpensive car care tasks that you can do to keep it in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

A lot of people wash their own cars or pay for a professional service to take the dirt away from the inside and outside of the vehicle, but that’s often as far as their car care regime goes.

While it’s good to get rid of the dust and dirt as soon as possible to prevent it from causing further long-term damage to the bodywork, or affected car parts themselves, it’s also important that any damage or signs of wear are dealt with.

Depending on the severity of the damage it can be either very quick and simple, or you might need to get the help of professionals from a body shop.

However, it’s always best to keep a close eye on each part of your car as you clean it so that you can identify any signs of wear or damage at the earliest opportunity where they can still be repaired with simple car care products and methods.

Quick and easy car care tips

Restoring your car to a near-showroom condition can, in many cases, be quite easy. With a few standard car maintenance products and accessories you can take years off your car, and all you’ll need is a bit of elbow grease and half an hour.

Here are five car care tips that will help to rejuvenate your car or van and maybe even add value prior to a sale:

Car wax and polish

Apply an even covering of wax and polish

Everyone washes their car with the standard bucket of soapy water, hose pipe or pressure washer and a cloth. While this gets all of the dust, dirt and bugs off the bodywork it doesn’t provide much of a protective layer to stop it from coming straight back and affecting the look of the paintwork, or even causing damage to the bodywork and car parts themselves.

By applying car wax and polish once the car has dried you can restore a high quality shine and give your car the protective layer that encourages dirt and water to just run straight off, rather than sitting on the vehicle and leaving water marks everywhere.

Car polish can be rubbed into the paintwork manually or by using an automatic polishing tool if you have access to one. Car wax can be applied in a similar way and will help to get the showroom shine that attracted you to the car in the first place, sealing in the shine created by the polish and adding the protective, waterproof layer.

Glass cleaner

Watermarks on the windscreen and windows of your car can obscure your vision slightly, and any dust or dirt that gets onto the glass can be tough to remove even with the help of a pressure washer and elbow grease.

Professional-standard glass cleaner is a great way of not only removing the tough stains but making your windows and windscreen crystal clear once more. Simply spray it onto the inside and outside of the windows, rubbing it in thoroughly with a clean microfibre cloth and your glass will look like new in a matter of moments.

Scratch remover

Scratches to the bodywork can be infuriating, especially if your car is your pride and joy. For some vehicles are just a method of getting from A to B; but for others they are their prized possessions and they try and treat them as such.

Cars can be scratched incredibly easy with the majority happening in public car parks when bags, shopping trolleys, keys and cars parked too close come into contact with the bodywork.

The scratches can take the paint straight off, making it instantly obvious that the car has been damaged, or they can be relatively small and hard to identify. In both cases, however, you can apply a scratch remover, which is similar to car polish and wax that will buff out the scratch.

By applying a layer of scratch remover and rubbing it into the damage you can either reduce the impact of the scratch or even completely remove it depending on the depth of the damage.

Rust treatment

Rust can seriously compromise the strength of your car

Over a lengthy period of time being exposed to the elements it’s almost inevitable that your car will start to show some signs of corrosion, or rust. It’s most likely that this will happen underneath the car as it comes into contact with the rain, snow and various materials off the road; but it doesn’t mean that you have to leave it to slowly wear away and fall off.

Rust treatment can be applied to any make and model of car, and any area, and can help to reduce the impact of the rust and to stop it from spreading any further. The product can be applied to the corroded metalwork and can not only prevent further damage but also to reduce the visibility of the rusting in a matter of moments, allowing you to polish over it to restore the showroom shine.

Car seat covers

Of course it’s not just outside the car where the look can be affected. Zips, buttons on pockets, keys and other items – plus every day wear and tear – can cause serious damage to the cloth or leather interior making the interior look much older than it is.

One highly effective way of preventing this is to use car seat covers that simply wrap around the seats to provide an instant layer of protection. Best of all, they can be removed from the car and put through the washing machine to keep them – and the inside of your car – looking and smelling fresh and clean.

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