The 5 Mechanic Pet Peeves

Auto technicians see a lot of fascinating things from accident damage to filthy vehicles. However, like other vocations, mechanics do get their feathers ruffled. Here are 5 mechanic pet peeves.

  1. Frustration at moving the seat: Customers who get annoyed at their mechanic for moving the position of their driver’s seat are a usual pet peeve. After, all mechanics don’t do it to annoy you. They move the seat so they can drive your car safely into their workshop to carry out repairs. This shouldn’t infuriate anyone, if it does, then maybe you should find a mechanic who is exactly your height.
  1. Filthy cars: Mechanics see a lot of weird, wonderful and sometimes disturbing things in cars. From last week’s takeaway and disposable coffee cups to tissues smeared with a variety of bodily fluids. Just consider, before you visit the dentist for your annual check-up you brush your teeth and clean your mouth as thoroughly as possible. The same mentality should be applied when taking your car to a mechanic. By keeping your car free from dirt and bio-hazards you will make your mechanics job much easier and less disgusting.
  1. Unreasonable expectations: We’ve all been in the position of needing a part replaced urgently. However, turning up just before the end of your mechanics working day and asking for a major job to be completed before you go out that evening isn’t realistic. After all, your local mechanic isn’t an auto parts store, so there’s a good chance they might not have the part you need in stock at that time. Even if they did, how would you feel if your boss dumped a huge stack of paper work on your desk just before the end of the day and said “I need that done before you leave today”, you probably wouldn’t be very happy, would you?
  1. Working on cars with no petrol in them: When dropping off your car for a repair you should always ensure that there is enough fuel in the tank. No matter what the repair is, there’s a good chance that the mechanic will need to turn the engine on and take the car for a test drive after the work has been completed. Your mechanic is also under no obligation to fill up your car for you. If it’s out of gas it’s not their problem
  1. Dishonest Mechanics: Nobody hates a dodgy mechanic more than a hard working honest mechanic. Dishonest mechanics perform sloppy work, deceive and sometimes abuse their customers. This makes it harder for the majority of honest technicians to win favour with their clients, especially if they’ve had previous bad experiences. If mechanics had their way, there would be a vote to eliminate deceptive mechanics from the industry.

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