5 Stereotypes About Mechanics That Aren’t True

There are many misbeliefs about different occupations and over the years mechanics have received the short end of the stick. Not all IT programmers are geeks and not all lawyers are money grabbers. Through this blog I want to highlight the general misconceptions and stereotypical assumptions about car mechanics.

  1. They are uneducated: Mechanics usually undergo mechanic training before they become qualified mechanics. Modern vehicles are complex machines aren’t easy to work on, requiring in-depth knowledge and experience. It isn’t the same as standard education that prioritises writing skills and theory, rather technology and problem solving in a fusion that few would have the patience to learn.
  2. They have dirty hands: Mechanics usually don’t have dirty, un-kept hands. Even though many mechanics take great joy and pleasure in it as a sign of their labour and efforts. In reality, many mechanics wear glove’s to protect their hands from the dangerous chemicals they work with.
  3. They aren’t concerned about your thoughts: Many individuals feel mechanics aren’t sensitive to judgement and do not care whether they do a good job or not. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mechanics take pride in their work and genuinely want their customers to be happy so they can recommend their garages. Mechanics are aware of the power of word of mouth and would want to stay away from negative reviews.
  4. They are all alike: This point is the heart of all stereotypes. The fact is mechanics range in capacity, expertise and persona, just like every other profession. They aren’t all male, tattooed and rough.
  5. They break parts so they can get more work: This belief about mechanics has become common due to unethical and dishonest technicians. Their deceptive practices have been highlighted in daily newspapers. Some mechanics have been known to break parts and coax customers into purchasing parts that weren’t needed. The truth is, these incidents are far from the truth. Running a business like this is risky and makes the business vulnerable to accusations, charges and prosecution. Only a small number of mechanics would consider doing this

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