5 Ordinary Cars That Are Secretly Fast

Bugatti Chiron

Sleepers  hide their high performance under unexciting appearances, content to let the fancy super cars attract all the attention. Sleepers have usually  been on the back-burner. However, manufacturers have capatilized on the growing market, and  have created a few models that have garnished attention. Here are 5 ordinary cars that are secretly fast.

1. Audi RS6

The second-generation of Audi RS6 are terrifyingly fast. Few have an idea that this engine contains a 570 hp V10  designed for the Lamborghini Gallardo.

2. COPO Camaro

The original COPO is the standard sleeper.  Few people knew that Chevrolet had a super-secret sports option that came with a engine similar to the legendary 427 cubic inch V8 engine.

3. Mercedes 500E

Before Mercedes bought AMG, the bodies in charge of the E-Class turned to competitors Porsche to beef up the 500E. The result was a V8-powered German assassin  capable of 170mph, If you weren’t a petrol head  you’d never believe this was an E Class.

4. Volvo 850 T-5R And 850 R

Few would believe that Volvo has been creating fast station wagons for decades. In 1995, The Swedish manufacturers teamed up with Porsche to produce the 300 hp 850 T-5R.  This project was a success.  Volvo then  created the 850 R based largely on the T-5R for 1996 and 1997 before taking it off the market  in favor of a new model of sleeper wagons.

5. Omni GLHS

The Dodge Omni was a very light car, but still a cost efficient hatchback.  Carroll Shelby gave the dodge Omni the initial ‘Goes like hell’ His version, the GLHS (S’more. Really.) It came with a tuneable suspension and a 177 hp turbocharged four cylinder. That may not sound fast but with a car that light these are very impressive stats.

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