The Best Driving Roads in Europe: Conor Pass, Ireland

The best driving roads in Europe - Conor Pass

If you really love driving and getting away for a few days – or weeks – in the summer then driving holidays are a fantastic way of getting out and about, exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the world that you might not get the chance to see if you travel by plane. Throughout Europe you can find some of the very best driving roads in the world, taking in stunning countryside with incredible architecture, villages and cities along the way.

Places such as the south of France are famous for their beautiful scenery, as are the Alps that take in parts of France, Switzerland and Italy; but it seems as though every country has its own perfect road.

While driving might not sound like everyone’s idea of a holiday, it does give you the chance to stop whenever you come across one of these stunning locations; having a picnic and capturing the views on camera before heading back to your hotel or villa for your evening meal.

One of the trickiest, but best driving roads in Ireland

We recently took a look at the famous Nurburgring, seen as one of the best driving roads in Europe, but which is actually a public road that also doubles up as a racing circuit. This time around we’ll take a look at a picturesque strip of asphalt that all driving enthusiasts would love to drive along.

One of the very best and most secluded driving roads in Europe is a little known section in Ireland known as Conor Pass. It features everything you could possibly want in a driving holiday – scenery, winding roads and very little traffic.

Situated on the west coast of Ireland, Conor Pass is actually a section of the R560 that runs through County Kerry, connecting Dingle with Brandon Bay and Castlegregory and reaches a peak of just under 1,500 feet.

While it might be viewed as being arguably the best driving road in the whole of Ireland – a bold claim considering the picturesque nature of the Emerald Isle – it is also one of the most dangerous taking in sharp cliff edges. During the frequent harsh weather brought in from the Atlantic, Conor Pass is often closed to traffic during high winds and heavy snow.

It takes in rolling countryside, stunning mountains and beautiful lakes throughout the journey and, unlike the Nurburgring; it’s not one that you’ll want to finish driving in a hurry.

Take your time to enjoy the beautiful green countryside and clear blue lakes, even stopping along the way to enjoy a bite to eat in the tranquil surroundings. Driving isn’t all about testing your car to the max and reaching the fastest speeds possible. Sometimes it’s about the freedom to get out and explore the likes of the Conor Pass, undoubtedly one of the best driving roads in Europe.

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