Careers in Motoring: Top Tips for Car & Bike Lovers

From a young age a lot of people are captivated by cars and motorbikes. They just love how they work, how they look, how they sound and the freedom they provide when you’re fortunate – and old – enough to own one. Such is that passion for cars that they might even dream of various careers in motoring so that they can earn money doing something they are genuinely passionate about.

If this sounds familiar to your own history then you’ve probably dreamed about becoming a racing driver because, at the end of the day, careers in motoring are few and far between aren’t they?

This couldn’t actually be further from the truth if you got in your car and kept driving away from it! There are a wide range of different careers in the motoring industry that you could try your hand at, regardless of whether you’re still at school and doodling cars on your notepad or sitting at your desk in an industry you hate wishing what might have been.

The motoring industry is filled with opportunities for people looking for their first job out of education and those changing careers; you just have to show the drive and determination – and the all-important passion – to make those dreams a reality.

Here we will give you a few examples of careers in the motoring industry that you could try, even if you don’t fancy becoming the next Lewis Hamilton, Nigel Mansell or Damon Hill.

Careers in motoring – mechanics

Careers in motoring - mechanic

Mechanics are always in high demand. Anyone who has ever owned a car will have visited a garage at some stage, either for repair work to be done or for a service and MOT. This means that there will always be a calling for new mechanics with either the determination to succeed in the industry or the qualifications required.

You may start out changing a few spark plugs or changing punctured tyres for people, but once you’ve honed your skills you could soon start to move up in the company – or wider industry – to become a skilled mechanic doing MOTs, wheel alignments and welds.


If racing is genuinely in your blood but you either don’t fancy getting behind the wheel (or into the saddle), or you can’t become a full-time racer, then being involved at the circuit can still have its own series of thrills.

Careers in motoring - Race Marshal

Race marshals are always needed to help to clear debris after accidents, to wave the all-important flags in the event of an incident and to ensure that everyone at the track is safe. Plus, you’ll get a close-up view of all the racing action out on the track!


If you’re not really a hands-on person then motoring journalism could be a great career path. You could be there covering a whole range of events and races for different publications, perhaps even starting out as a freelance contributor to build up your skills and make a name for yourself.

Careers in Motoring - Journalist

You never know, if you become particularly good at covering the various race weekends then you might start getting paid for it and then the career could take you in-house and all over the country – or all over the world, covering your favourite race events.

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