Checkout How This Lego Motor Blows Up At High RPMs

LEGO’s Technic series is a cool setup. It has different kinds of mechanical parts such as levers, gears crankshafts and pistons. Checkout how this Lego motor blows up at high RPM’s.

The individuals in this short clip decided to make a few model engines and and test them by spinning so they can monitor how much stress the engines can handle before blowing apart.

It starts out with a Honda four cylinder model, attached to a motor. It takes a little nudge to get started.

The camera movements are well executed to show how the car speeds up and down as the piston stays put at various points in the video even though it is rotating at a fast rate.

No one knows the RPM however, the engine completely collapses causing engine pieces to fly everywhere.

It’s something to see!

Ref: YouTube (SAYAMAN)

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