The ECP Corrosion Repair Guide – Free to Download

The Corrosion Repair Guide from Euro Car Parts

Even the safest car drivers put their cars under a great deal of stress and strain, but there is one thing that nobody can control that can have a disastrous effect on your car’s overall health – corrosion.

Rust, as it is more commonly known, can affect any car at any time in its life and British vehicles – due to our constantly changing weather conditions – are always at risk.

The falling rain, puddles on the road and other potentially harmful fluids that come into contact with our various car parts and components can cause rust to develop, affecting the structure and stability of the parts in question and, in some cases, the vehicle as a whole.

Now, nobody wants to have to pay a fortune to have their car repaired, so it’s vital that you pay close attention to all of the commonly affected areas. Don’t know what they are? Then it’s a good job we’re here to help!

As the UK’s number one supplier of new car parts and accessories, we understand the parts of your car or van that are most at risk of corrosion and we want to help with the repairs – or at least by advising you on the parts you need for your repair work!

Download your free corrosion repair guide

Our Corrosion Repair Guide has been designed to cover a wide range of makes and models and lists the exact parts and corresponding parts number in our catalogue of new car parts that will allow you to order replacement parts online. You can then get down to business by either removing the rusted part or repairing it.

The guide shows car owners the various parts that can be affected by corrosion – on their own cars which can be found in a simple A to Z format – and what the individual part or component looks like.

Inside the Corrosion Repair Guide from ECP

Whether it’s a complete body panel like the bonnet or a wing, or a specific part like a brake disc or exhaust that has rusted; our guide can help you to match your damaged part with the one in our guide to ensure that you choose the exact part you need.

So don’t sit there and let your car suffer any longer. Our Corrosion Repair Guide is available to download in PDF format for you to keep in your garage or workshop, enabling you to quickly and easily look up the part and part number you need to make your repairs and give your car or van the TLC it deserves.

Download your guide today from Euro Car Parts, the UK’s number one supplier of car parts, accessories and more.