Welcome back to the 2nd edition of our countdown to our new home. EuroCarParts Wembley will have a brand new home at the start of April 2018. And here’s another sneak peek of what is to come…

We will have a new 33,000 sq. foot building which will be located at Hannah Close (just 10 mins down the road from our existing site); with 3 floors full of 100s of products.

The warehouse operation is being led by Graham and his team, they have many years of experience of setting up some of our existing branches and warehouses. The team is working very hard to ensure that everything is up and running for the start of April 2018.

So from last week, we have had great progress with the warehouse; the re-racking of the warehouse is now complete, ready for exciting new products to take a seat on them and of course some of your favorites. As you can imagine this takes a lot of time and hard work from the team, it is 3 floors of racks to fill! The re-racking of the warehouse was done by our trusted guys at Wing Racking & Shelving

It won’t be just a massive space full of racks, we will also have a fully functional dispatch area where goods will be coming in and out. The whole warehouse will have a slick organisation structure so it can be easy for the team to locate your products and get them to you even quicker.



And the products are in! Slowly, but surely. Bit by bit we are bringing in products into the new sight. Each floor and section in the warehouse will have its own designated area, from braking to bulbs, even toys & tech!

It’s all coming together very nicely, our state of the are lifts have arrived too. They will help the warehouse team to move products from each floor. We’ve even got them in our signature colours too, yellow and blue!

It’s true what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. And soon this next chapter for EuroCarParts will soon be complete. Be sure to catch our daily Instagram stories on updates and behind the scenes of our new site. Make sure you keep an eye out for next week’s edition, where we will be taking you behind the scenes of the shop.