EURO CAR PARTS WEMBLEY – 4 Weeks Till A New Home

Something really exciting is happening in Wembley – EuroCarParts Wembley, has got a new home and we’re giving you a sneak peek before we launch at the start of April…

What can you expect?

We have a new 33,000 sq. foot building – located on Hannah Close (just 10 mins down the road from our old site). The new building will consist of 3 floors with 12 meters of new racking from floor to ceiling (this is the height of 200 Pagid brake pad boxes).

We will also have a BRAND NEW shop with even more new and exciting products & faster collection areas.

We began work on this challenging project back in November. Working on the new building has been a smooth journey; we wanted it to have a modern look and feel. We also are working on completing our store with a complete refresh; new fittings and decor, including a click and collect area where you can browse our products online!

The driving force behind this important investment was a need to increase the number of key items we can hold in stock. Although bespoke items will always be brought in overnight, we want to be able to offer as much choice for our customers when they walk in to store. For example, the increase in capacity to hold ranges like our hugely popular screen wash, our home & garden range, and our toys & tech  meaning we can offer many more items from stock then we previously could.

Currently, we are in the process of making the most of our new space. A huge amount of effort goes on behind the scenes here and right now, we are in the process of re-racking our warehouse. This allows us to fit even more products in the same space as before.

Why not visit our Instagram page where daily updates will be made on our Story. Or stay tuned for next week’s edition to see what has changed.