The Genuine Benefits of Performance Car Parts

An easy guide to car brakes and how they work

Over the years performance car parts have been given a poor reputation. Modifications are a major part of car ownership for some people and these bigger, more powerful parts have been given a somewhat unfair reputation for just making cars faster and louder.

In actual fact performance car parts have a range of genuine benefits to all vehicles, whether it’s helping them to stop more quickly, taking in more air to cool the engine making it more efficient or to improve the handling and stability of the car.

Having spent so much money on your car, you want it to perform to the best of its ability for as long as possible. Some brand new models are fitted with the kind of car parts and features some of us can only dream of having on our second or even third-hand vehicles; but there are things we can do to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability and performance of even the most traditional family cars.

The majority of these improvements and enhancement include performance car parts, and prove that they are not just for “boy racers” looking to show off to their friends.

These specially designed car parts have a number of genuine benefits, and we’ll cover a number of these in this guide to performance car parts that might change your outlook and, hopefully, the reputation of these high quality parts.

The most popular performance car parts and their benefits

While it’s true that some performance car parts do nothing more than improve the look of the vehicle, even this helps to add value to the vehicle should the owner ever choose to sell it.

It also has a benefit in the sense that owners want their cars to look good as well as to perform to a high standard, and performance lighting parts do just that. They can transform your traditional standard headlights into stylish parts that give out more light, and look great from a cosmetic perspective too.

There are also a series of benefits relating to performance suspension parts. A lot of modification fans talk about lowering their cars and this relates to stiffening up the suspension so that the car is lower to the road and therefore more stable; but there are also a lot of benefits relating to the shock absorbers.

Performance suspension parts help to keep the car stable and in contact with the road over the bumps, even when you’re travelling on the motorway. You tend to find that the closer you get to the typical motorway speeds (which are capped at 70mph in the UK), you feel the bumps in the road much more significantly.

By fitting performance shock absorbers and springs you can iron out a lot of these bumps to improve the ride quality at high and low speeds.

Performance car parts can help with safety and efficiencyFinally you have the range of performance brake parts, including calipers, pads and discs. Fitting “bigger” brakes might sound like an obvious thing to do to improve your brake performance, but you need to take several factors into consideration before you splash the cash.

You can’t just go out and buy big brake kits and bolt them to your car with the intention of braking in shorter distances. Your brakes work by clamping the wheels that are proportionate in size. If you buy brakes that are too big for the wheels you may find yourself braking sharply when you only need to ease them on, and vice versa.

Performance brake parts are a worthwhile investment for anyone who owns a vehicle that struggles to brake sufficiently, as a lot of standard brake parts can wear earlier than expected.

Performance alternatives are designed to last longer, and to reduce the weight of the vehicle without compromising the strength of the brakes, just make sure that you get the right size for your make and model – something our expert team can help you with.

For more information on our range of performance and standard car parts – and for further buyer guides – check back to the Euro Car Parts blog soon. If you need any advice or assistance in your search for new, cheap car parts; don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.