5 Reasons A Great Auto Mechanic Is Like A Cristiano Ronaldo

Maybe scoring the winning penalty in the 2016 champions league final is different than fitting in a brake pad, but when you ponder about it a great mechanic is like superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Here are my 5 reasons why a great mechanic is like a Cristiano Ronaldo.

  1. They are the finest in the game: Some mechanics get lucky when they finally repair a car just like a little below average premier league player who just had a very good game. But fixing every problem you come across or being part of every goal scoring outcome is highly unlikely.

Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to beat almost every defender just like an exceptional mechanic that can conquer almost any problem. Why? because both have studied their craft inside and out.

  1. They both have the X-Factor: Cristiano Ronaldo may make a play against a team you’re rooting for. However, you can’t help but hold your breath. ”How did he do that?”. The same goes to a mechanic. An exceptional mechanic can take the most out of shape car and turn it into an impressive machine.
  1. Not everyone will like you.: People may not like Ronaldo for a different reason they don’t like a mechanic but the disapproval still exists. Great Mechanics will go the extra mile in every job they do. A few customers may not approve of their work/ job but it doesn’t mean they haven’t given a sincere effort. The same goes for top athletes like Ronaldo. He fights for every ball and pushes his team hard. For instance, Euro 2016 when he captained his team to the trophy despite confronting his teammates on numerous occasions.
  1. They are braggarts: When you are exceptional in your skills you will showboat. For instance, Ronaldo has been showing off his football skills. If it isn’t a nutmeg or a solo run towards goal he has always been a player that wasn’t afraid of telling others how talented he was.

Similarly, an exceptional mechanic will take fulfillment in their craft and find great pleasure in telling others that they are the best in town. Maybe an event watched by millions of people devoted to repairing a vehicle isn’t the most tasteful thing, but if a mechanic is talented, they should boast about it.

  1. They like to take control but still support the team: Ronaldo is an exceptional playmaker. He made 27 assists in the 2015/2016 season which is phenomenal. However, he is one of the leading top goal scorers in Europe breaking numerous European scoring records. He has been criticized for being selfish but a large majority would say it is because he believes in himself.

This is the same mindset that a great mechanic posses. A great mechanic believes he can solve any problem and will often live up to his promise.

As an Arsenal fan, I am completely neutral when speaking about Ronaldo.

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