Holidaymakers Told to Beware After Manchester Airport Parking Scams

Airport Parking

When you drive to the airport ahead of your summer holiday your mind is often thousands of miles away, dreaming about the beach you’ll be on later on that day. For that reason it’s easy to understand why drivers let their guards down when they park up – as proved by the number of holidaymakers caught out by scam ‘secure’ parking operatives around Manchester Airport recently.

One company who claimed to offer customers secure parking while they jetted off on their summer holidays has been caught out by in-car dashcams that showed the people meant to be looking after the vehicles were in fact driving them off the premises – and to a number of local pubs!

In a feature run by the Manchester Evening News earlier this week, readers revealed that the footage captured by the latest must-have car gadgets showed that their vehicles were being left in pub car parks or on residential streets, often for several hours at a time – without their knowledge.

Holidaymakers believed that they were leaving their vehicles in the hands of “meet and greet” car park attendants who would keep their cars in their secure car park until they returned from their holidays.

Vehicles returned covered in mud or containing receipts

Unfortunately for them, the vehicles were in fact being driven – and left – all over the region. Some M.E.N. readers told reporters that their vehicles were returned to them with receipts in for purchases made while they were out of the country, some returned to find their vehicles covered in mud while others had to wait several hours while the company located their keys!

Airport Parking Scam - Mud
Cars were returned covered in mud

It was only when the car owners returned home and studied the footage on their dashcams from while they were away that they realised the extent of the parking scam.

The parking firms – not connected to Manchester Airport in any way – have failed to respond to a number of calls, emails and complaints from disgruntled customers and both the Airport and Manchester City Council are urging excited holidaymakers to be wary of who they leave their vehicles with while they are away.

In addition to the dashcam footage, the firms have been caught out by disgruntled homeowners from around the Wythenshawe area who have been unable to park outside their homes due to what they described as “bumper-to-bumper” parking on the residential streets throughout the day.

The Council and Greater Manchester Police are now working together to crack down on these parking scammers, and their advice is to book with reputable car parks – such as the official Airport parking – or to leave their vehicles with a friend or relative while they are away, instead getting a lift to the terminal or public transport.

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