How Car Security Tracker Systems Work

A GPS security tracker system will locate a stolen car

All car owners are aware of the risks of owning a vehicle. Whether it’s an expensive model fresh out of the showroom or a second-hand runaround, thieves are out there looking for opportunities to steal cars. That is why many have started installing car security tracker systems, utilizing the latest technologies to track down their cars if they are unfortunate enough to have theirs stolen.

A lot of the latest cars have had car security tracker systems fitted by the manufacturer as a standard safety feature, but older models require owners to look for their own versions online or in stores.

One great example of an after-market car security tracker system is the Streetwize SWTRACK1 GPS Tracker ; a multi function GPS tracker which can be used to track all makes and models.

Best of all it is incredibly easy to use and install:

Install the car charger to the battery terminals. Its a good idea to hide the wire and the tracker out of sight. Make sure that it is secure, and not obscured by other car parts so that you can receive a good GPS signal.

In order to activate the tracker system you will need to insert and activate a sim card. Before you can text the tracker you will have to top up the sim card with the credit so that it can then send you a message with the coordinates if it is stolen.

Create a contact on your phone and name it GPS tracker or something similar that you can remember. You will find the number on the sim card.

Now all you need to do is to text the tracker and it will work inform you of the location, complete with the google maps link.

The text message also includes the current speed , signal strength, date , time and the remaining battery life. The long number at the end of the message is the IME number of the tracker.

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