June 2016: Great for Welsh Football & British Car Manufacturers

Wales Flag

In a month where Brits have been captivated by the EU referendum and what “Brexit” will mean for us personally, professionally and financially; the new car market faces its own uncertainties. The British news has been filled with political resignations and concerns over the economy, leaving new car news and motoring news in general, understandably, overshadowed.

That is, until now! So-called “experts” might be predicting that the pound is nose-diving and luxuries such as new cars and overseas holidays are going to become more expensive; but flick the channel and you’ll probably here the opposite.

Brexit - New Car Market

In a month of doom-and-gloom around the UK, especially with the exploits of the English national football team at EURO 2016, it’s time to start thinking positively… a bit like the Welsh!

June and the early stages of July have been filled with celebrations across Wales, bringing some positivity back to the UK and that news has been further extended with the statistics released this week showing that two British car manufacturers have sold the three most popular models in Britain during June.

Ford and Vauxhall have had bumper months despite overall new car sales falling by 0.8% in June compared to May. It is the first fall in sales since October 2015, but the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus have both been in high-demand, with the Vauxhall Corsa sandwiched between them.

Ford - Best Seller in Britain

Fun to drive, economical and packed with an increasing amount of technology in even the most basic models; the Ford Fiesta remains Britain’s most popular car, selling more than 11,000-models in June this year.

The Vauxhall Corsa, designed in a similar shape and style, sold nearly 9,000 with the larger Ford Focus – much more of a family car than the two sportier hatchbacks – selling nearly 7,000.

It is too early to say how Britain’s choice to leave the EU might affect the new car sales figures in the long-term – and it certainly cannot be attributed to the fall in sales in June – but it is something that “experts” are advising us to keep an eye on.

For more of the latest motoring news come back to the Euro Car Parts blog next week. We will be keeping a close eye on the effects of Brexit on the new car market here in the UK, along with consumer advice and more from the world of motoring.