MOT Rules Are Changing

From 20th May 2018 the rules of MOT are changing! Every year, every car needs to undertake an MOT test once the car reaches its 3rd birthday. This test basically measures how worthy your vehicle is on the road in terms of safety levels and exhaust emissions. It is against the law to drive any vehicle without MOT, and it is important to know without a valid MOT your car insurance is void.

The new changes are being brought in to obey the European Union Road worthiness Package. From 20th May there will be a much tighter inspection on diesel cars.

For those classic car owners out there, no need to worry, in fact there’s some good news for you! You will be happy to know that any car made before 1977 will be exempt from taking an MOT test.

If you happen to have a brand spanking new car, you can avoid this new MOT test for a little while. Brand new cars do not have to have an MOT for 3 years, however we still advice that you get your car serviced.

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What’s changing?

Changes to the MOT test will involve new types of emissions testing, as well as marking each defect of your car within three new categories. It will no longer be a pass, fail and advisories.

The new items will be tested include:

– Daytime Running Lights (on vehicles from 1st March 2018)
– Brake Pad Warning Lights
– Missing Brake Pads and Discs
– Underinflated tyres Reversing Lights (on vehicles from 1st September 2009)
– Headlight Washers
– Brake Fluid contamination
– Fluid Leaks

The older emissions test was created in the 80’s. It has come under scrutiny over the last few years, so it was about time for a fresh take on it.

Now the tests will be a lot tougher on the CO2 emissions, it will also measure fuel economy, and the Real Driving Emissions test will measure the amount of nitrous oxide created by your car. Too much of it, and you could be looking at a fail.

When it comes to diesel cars, their emissions are higher in nitrous oxide than petrol cars, so it seems MOT tests on diesel cars will use different smoke metering software and should be ready with this for the change in May.

New categories

– Dangerous

If your MOT test picks up any dangerous faults, then these will need to be dealt with before your car is deemed road worthy. Your car will automatically fail its MOT and cannot be driven until a repair is made.


Major and dangerous faults are similar. If you receive a major fault, your car has still failed the test – however, it can be driven on the road to a place of repair, where the work will need to be completed and a new MOT test will be run


These are the same as advisories. They are things that will eventually need fixing on your car but aren’t enough to fail your MOT at the time.

These changes will come into effect from 20 May 2018, until then the current MOT testing will continue as before. For further information, please visit