MOT Rules and Regulations: COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has brought countries all across the world to a standstill, and with a nationwide lockdown enforced in the UK over the past few months, many motorists have been left wondering where they stand in regard to their next MOT test.

To combat the disruption, the UK Government has announced a 6-month extension for vehicles with an MOT certificate that will expire on or after 30 March 2020. However, there are a number of important details to be aware of – let’s explore the new MOT rules below.

Am I eligible for the MOT extension?

If you own a vehicle that is classified as a car, motorcycle, light van or any other light vehicle, and its MOT certificate was due to expire on or after 30 March 2020,  then you will be eligible for a 6-month extension. This also applies to any of the vehicle types previously mentioned that are due a first MOT.

If your car’s MOT was due on or before 29 March 2020, and you were previously unable to book in a new MOT test, different rules apply. The Government has outlined everything you need to know about your circumstances on its website.

About the MOT Extension

If your vehicle is eligible for the 6-month extension, its MOT expiry date will automatically be extended. This will happen 7 days before your vehicle’s MOT was originally set to expire. 3 days before your MOT is due to run out, you’ll be required to check the extension has been granted. You can find your new MOT date easily by clicking here.

If you’ve noticed that your MOT expiry date has not been extended, it’s important to flag this with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency immediately. They will be able to correct it for you, as long as you can provide:

1. Your original MOT expiry date
2. Your vehicle’s number plate

Simply email with this information to correct your MOT date. Once this has been updated, you’ll receive an email from the DVSA.

Driver Responsibilities

Once your car has been granted an extension, you’ll need to make it your responsibility to ensure it remains roadworthy over the next 6 months. Frequent checks on essential car parts are highly recommended, alongside regular maintenance.

To help with this, the government has compiled a number of useful resources for drivers to read, including a guide to check if essential parts are running as they should, and an easy-to-digest list concerning rules for maintaining your vehicle.

What happens when I book an MOT test?

If booking an MOT is possible near you, and you choose to book a test, it’s important to be aware that the MOT extension will no longer apply to your vehicle if it fails its MOT. You will be required to fix your car – just like you would under normal circumstances – before being able to legally head back out on the road.

To avoid failing your MOT, don’t forget to carry out pre-MOT checks first. A huge number of cars fail every year because of issues like faulty bulbs or too little tyre tread – things that can quickly and easily be fixed for a much lower price before you begin the MOT.

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