Stay Cool: Looking After Your Car Cooling and Heating Parts

How to look after key car cooling and heating parts

Nobody likes being too cold or too hot when they’re sat in a car. Whether it’s a short trip to the shops or a long journey to the coast, being uncomfortable in the driver’s or passenger’s seat can ruin your day. While you have no control over the temperature on the outside, you can do things to keep cool or warm on the inside of the vehicle by taking advantage of the car cooling and heating parts and controls.

The parts themselves might look different depending on the make and model of the car, but they essentially do the same things – they turn the temperature up or down. Some cars use electronic air conditioning controls that allow the driver, and often the passenger, to control the temperature on their side of the car, adjusting it to a specific degree; while others (usually older models), will have a manual knob or slider that simply makes it cooler or warmer.

Both are just as effective at doing their specific jobs, but a lot of people take these car cooling and heating parts for granted. After all, it’s far more complicated than just ‘hot and cold’, as there are a number of key car parts that all have to work together in order to get the temperature just right.

During those cold winter months it can be horrible walking out to your car only to find that you need to scrape the windscreen before you can drive. Not only does this make you later for work or to get on the road, it also means you’re getting even colder and you need to get the heater on in the car. In the winter, you can almost guarantee that this is the time when your heater will stop working.

How your car heater works

Your car’s heater works just like the radiators in your home. Coolant is circulated around the engine (and however long it takes for this to circulate dictates how soon your heater will kick in on those cold mornings), and it picks up the heat from the engine. This hot coolant is then passed through a small radiator (not the same one that keeps your engine cool), and this is what is used to keep the inside of your vehicle at a comfortable temperature.

In the hot months the system works in exactly the same way, only in reverse. Rather than sending the warm coolant into the radiator, it sends the cooled version instead.

Common problems with car cooling and heating parts to look out for

If your heater does stop working, or if it takes much longer than usual to warm up in the morning, it could be down to one of two factors. Firstly, you could check the temperature of the engine itself, which is controlled by a thermostat.

The flow of coolant is often restricted to help engines to reach the optimum temperature as soon as possible, but if the thermostat is damaged or if it has worn, then it could allow more coolant through, slowing down how quickly the engine reaches the perfect temperature.

Alternatively, it could be due to a problem with materials that have found their way into the cooling and heating system. These materials can get into the system in a variety of ways, often when the coolant is being changed, but you can flush these out by disconnecting the water hose and water pump (while the engine is cold of course to prevent scalding).

In relation to cooling, you tend to find that there are more problems with keeping the moving parts cool than the interior of the vehicle. After all, you can just open the window to keep yourself cool on hot days.

It is vitally important that the main working parts of your car are kept cool so that they can work at the optimum level. This includes the engine, the gearbox, the exhaust and all of the smaller components that link into the major car parts.

Your car radiator, for example, performs a different role to the radiators in your home, whereby they take in the cool air from outside the vehicle and uses it to naturally cool down the engine to stop it from overheating.

If you need any help with your car’s cooling and heating parts, then the experts at Euro Car Parts will be happy to assist you. We can provide advice on the best car parts for the essential repairs or maintenance you need to do. Either visit us in your nearest store or shop online with fast delivery across the UK.