Stay Safe and Save Money with Dash Cams

An accident recorder, or dash cam

Safety has become one of the biggest considerations when it comes to buying a new or used car, with potential buyers looking for all of the latest features that will keep them and their family safe every time they head out on the road.

Some of these essential safety features have been fitted to keep the driver and passengers physically safe, while others have been designed to help them to either avoid accidents or, in the case of dash cams (also known as accident recorders), to record the footage that can then be used as evidence when it comes to insurance claims and any potential prosecutions.

Cyclists and motorcyclists have been using cameras and recording equipment on their helmets and handlebars for some time already, helping them to either record their journey or their “extreme” rides for their own personal use, or to use as evidence to show the behaviour of other road users that could result – or has resulted – in a serious incident.

The benefits of owning an accident recorder

Now more and more drivers are investing in dash cams that are mounted near the rear view mirror to record any incidents that will subsequently help the innocent accident victims to make their insurance claims or to prove to the police who was at fault for the accident.

To many this might just sound like another in-car gadget that they might never use or they might not have an interest in, just like having iPod accessories or a digital radio, but to those who are fans of having the latest technology inside their cars – and for those who have been in accidents before but been unable to prove that they were the innocent victims – they could prove to be a highly valuable addition.

There are a number of other benefits to installing a dash cam including significant savings on your annual car insurance. Many of the biggest insurers from around the UK have already said that drivers who have accident recorders in their vehicles will (or at the very least, may), receive a discount on their insurance as they will accept the video footage if it ever comes to them making an insurance claim.

From the insurer’s perspective, this footage will help them to analyse the details provided to ensure that there are less fraudulent claims and that all of the details are accurate, allowing them to settle and pay out much more quickly.

What you should remember about dash cams

Having spent your hard-earned money on an accident recorder (if it wasn’t built into your vehicle), there are a number of things that you need to remember to ensure that you get all of the benefits.

The first, and most important, is to remember to switch it on! A lot of people will have the devices installed and after a period of time they will forget that it’s even there. You can almost guarantee that one of the times you forget you may be involved in an accident and you have no footage to help you to prove that you were not the one at fault.

Similarly it is important to check where the camera is pointing. In the case of any kind of prosecution or an insurance claim against the party at fault (the other road user), you will need to prove it was them and not another motorist with a similar coloured or make of car. As such you should always ensure that number plates are in the picture and that the camera itself is not pointing towards the sky, the pavement or the other lane.

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