Tools for Mechanics: the 5 Most Important

A range of car tools to help with maintenance and repairs

It’s easy to think that essential tools for mechanics are all the same – screwdrivers, spanners and wrenches for instance; but there are several tools for mechanics that are just as important but often forgotten about.

When you get your first toolbox it’s usually got a few standard tools for mechanics inside that will perform a number of fairly routine tasks to change a tyre, perhaps to perform an oil change or to adjust the wheel alignment.

While this might be true to an extent, anyone who knows anything about being a mechanic will know that it’s important to be prepared for any car-related issue. The time that you don’t have a specific tool will be the time when you really need it; so never discount certain tools for mechanics just because you haven’t needed one up that point in time.

Important tools for mechanics

One of my favourite and most frequently used tools is a breaker bar.

This is essential for working on cars because it gives you that extra power and leverage you need to remove tough car parts that may have been “stuck” on through rust.

One thing that is particularly good about these bars is that you can attach ratchets and other simple tools that you would use everyday, and it will give you the extra power that simple brute force won’t sort, like removing tough wheel nuts and bolts.

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Another awesome tool for mechanics is a multimeter. These are great for diagnosing and solving electrical problems. Today’s cars are full of complicated electric systems like powered seats, electric windows, digital radios and much more and it can be hard to work out exactly where the problem is in the system – is it the part? Is it the cable? The connections?


A high quality multimeter will enable you to connect the electrical supply to the tool in order to find out how much power is passing through. If one part of it has a good electrical supply, but the other part has little or none then you can identify which component needs to be changed.

Another product I would suggest is a Head-Up display Unit (via OBD2 socket). This will allow you to view real-time car data such as speed, revs and more on your windscreen in one single handy view. Simply plug in via the OBD2 socket, and it will send real-time information to the display, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead

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The fourth product I feel is important is a Jack stand . This is an essential tool for mechanics as without it you simply will not be able to lift the car for access to the underside or the wheels.

jackLast, but by no means least, an Arc Welder is another essential tool for mechanics. The one that I would recommend is from our professional MIGHTYMIG range. This compact gas/no-gas welder offers excellent performance at an extremely competitive price.

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Would you recommend any essential tools for mechanics? Please share your thoughts with us. You can also check back to Euro Car Parts for more consumer advice, motoring news and the latest range of new car parts available to buy online.