TOP 10: New Driver Essentials

Both learner and new drivers can find it hard to get a car that is both desirable and affordable to insure. Invariably you’re likely to start off your driving life with an older vehicle that probably won’t have any mod cons. To that end we’ve come up with our top 10 items that any new driver would need for a better and safer first few years of motoring. Some of the items listed below could actually help reduce your first few years insurance premium too.

Top 10: New Driver Essentials

L PlatesNew Driver L Plates

If you’re learning to drive you’re going to need a set of magnetic ‘L’ Plates for your car. There are sticker versions available, but magnetic ones won’t ruin your precious paintwork and are easy to remove once you pass your test.

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Tape Adapter

As a new driver you’ve probably bought/inherited an older car. This probably means you don’t have an Aux adapter to plug your phone into, and in all likelihood have a cassette player. Some of you may not know what a cassette actually is, but don’t fret. For a few pounds you can buy an adapter for this archaic technology that will allow you play whatever music you like through those aging speakers (assuming you haven’t upgraded them already).

Portable PowerbankNew Driver Power bank

If you’re driving along in an older car, you’ll probably need a jump start once in a while. Why not avoid all the hassle of finding someone to help you jump start your car by keeping an Emergency Powerbank in the glove box. This great little Streetwize Emergency Jumpstarter & Portable Powerbank is an amazing piece of kit. A Powerbank such as this will not only safely jump-start up to a 3 litre petrol & 2.5 liter diesel engine; it will also charge your mobile, laptop or tablet device thanks to its USB slot.

Dash CamNew Driver Dash Cam

Dash cams are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ accessory for any driver. Not only are they great for capturing accident footage, helping to prove who/what was at fault, they can reduce your car insurance by up to 10%. Euro Car Parts have one of the biggest ranges of Dash Cams available in the UK. Click here to view our current range, starting from only £25.99.

Phone HolderNew Drivers Phone holder

Staying on the right side of the law is essential as a new driver, especially with all the recent changes to motoring laws (Double penalty points for mobile phone use, New speeding fine changes).

Whether you use your mobile as a Sat Nav or have a dedicated device, you need to have a suitable holder. With that said, you won’t find a better device than the Streetwize Adjustable Gadget Holder.

USB ChargerNew Driver USB Charger

These days everyone needs an in-car charger to avoid the risk of your mobile devices running out of battery. At Euro Car Parts we have a variety of 12v USB Chargers. Click here to view our current range.

First Aid Kitcar first aid kit

It shouldn’t matter whether your an experienced or a new driver, everyone should carry some sort of first aid kit in their car. With any luck you’ll never need to use it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Click here to view our current range of First Aid Kits.

Tyre Repair KitTyre repair Kit New driver

Getting a puncture is always a deflating experience; especially if you don’t have a fully inflated, full size spare wheel. Having a tyre repair kit somewhere in your car should be a must for any driver, no matter their experience behind the wheel.

The Ultimate 1-Step Tyre Repair Kit from Fix-A-Flat is a great system to use. Not only is the can of tyre sealant replaceable, but the air compressor can be used for inflating almost anything.
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Strong TapeNew driver Gorilla Tape Clear

As a new driver there’s a good chance that at some point you may need to ‘mend’ (aka tape up) a wing mirror, indicator or body panel. The ideal tool for the job is a roll of Gorilla Tape. For strong, long lasting fixes check out our range of Gorilla Tape.

Torchpocket torch new driver

The final item to make our list of Top 10 New Driver Essentials is the ever useful torch. There’s no better feeling than needing something and knowing you have one nearby in the glove box.

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