The Top Ten Weirdest Drive-Thrus In The World

1. Get your shots here
Guns and drinking – not the most common pastimes of driving. However, in Schulenburg, Texas, you can get exactly that at the creatively named Double Shot Liquor & Guns Drive Thru.


2. Fast cash
Hate waiting in line in the rain for an ATM only to find out that they’ve only got £20’s? Well pretty soon drive-thru banking in the UK could be commonplace. Already commonplace in France, germany and the US, customers would be able to draw cash, open an account or even apply for a mortgage from the convenience of your vehicle.

3. Fish and chips – the plaice to be

Fish and chips – the classic British dish. Now, residents of the Wakefield/Leeds area can get this traditional Friday night treat on double quick time at The Empire – without even having to leave the car seat!

4. Mourning commute

For those who are unable to attend the funeral of a loved one due to old age illness (or a fear of being shot in a drive by), do not fear. Now you can pay your respects to the dearly departed through the bullet-proof glass from the comfort of your car at Robert L. Adams Mortuary Drive Thru in Compton, California. There’s even one in Japan – the Aishoden Funeral Home in Nagano Prefecture Sunday!


5. Highway to heaven
Residents of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can now find solace and prayer on the drive home from work at the Christian Life Center Divine Drive-Thru. Every Friday, the church’s prayer team join motorists behind the wheel in prayer taking convenience to a ‘higher’ level. And at Christmas time, those in Old Bridge, New Jersey, can drive through an immersive Christmas nativity scene with an accompanying CD at the Sayre Woods Bible Church.


6. Fuel for love
Oysters – the aphrodisiac ‘fuel for love’. At least that’s what Get Shucked is marketing themselves as. The locally owned and operated oyster farm on Bruny Island, Australia started selling oysters through their drive-thru window whilst taking in the wildlife and surrounding nature.


7. Shelf check out
Understanding library indexing systems can mean browsing library shelves for hours… Thankfully help is at hand – frequenters of the Westerville Public Library in Westerville, Ohio, have been able to reserve items online and pick them up from the drive-thru window since 1999!


8. Drive it away today
Many car salesmen promise that you can ‘drive it away today’ however at the Imperial Car Supermarket in Bedford. Customers find the car they want to buy, fill in the paperwork then drive it through the unsupervised self-service checkout, snappily called ‘The Fast Lane’.

9. Daiquiri drive-thru

Despite drink driving definitely not being a legal option, the loose open container laws in New Orleans mean that the Daiquiri Bay Cafe in Metairie, Louisiana, is ready to serve commuters a strawberry daiquiri after a long hard day at the office (as long as your cup has a lid without a straw, of course).


10. Wedding bells
This Las Vegas chapel has been the number one pit stop to get hitched quickly since Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow in 1966. A Little White Wedding Chapel is most well know for it’s ‘Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru’ costing just $50, and they even offer an on-site Elvis Presley impersonator!