What Is The T-Charge? Will It Apply To You?

Londoners have begrudgingly got used to the congestion charge zones. But, did you know that as of 23rd October 2017 there will be a new T-Charge coming into effect? The T-Charge, short for Toxicity Charge, is a new £10 fee for older vehicles that don’t meet Euro 4 emission standards. This will mostly have an impact on anyone driving a pre 2006 vehicle.

Where Is The T-Charge Zone?

The new T-Charge zone will cover the same area as the existing London Congestion Charge zone. This means that any vehicles that don’t meet the Euro 4 emissions standards will have to pay an additional £10, on top of the £11.50 daily Congestion Charge fee. That’s a massive £21.50 just to drive into central London. WOW.

When Will It Be Enforced?

As of the 23rd October this year the new Toxicity Charge will be enforced during the same hours as the existing London Congestion Charge zone. Monday to Friday 7am-6pm.

Who Has To Pay The T-Charge?

Whether you have to pay the new Toxicity Charge depends on your vehicle meeting the Euro 4 emission standards. Thankfully Transport For London (TFL) have provided a handy online vehicle checker for motorists. Click here to find out if you have to pay the Toxicity Charge.

Why Is It Being Introduced?

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn is extremely keen to improve London’s air quality by reducing dangerous levels of NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) within Central London. There are also plans to introduce an ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone), which eventually would extend to cover both the North & South Circular roads.

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