Why Every Motorist Needs an Accident Recorder

The highly recommended Streetwize 2.5-inch accident recorders

Hello and welcome to another review, this time one that is close to my heart. Last year my Aunt was involved in a motor accident with a lorry and we had the age-old issue where both parties felt that the other was at fault for the incident.

This got me thinking about the kind of in-car tech available at the moment and how glad I am that I have an accident recorder in my car – and that I wished my Aunt did in hers.

Also known as dash cams, the accident recorder that I bought – and highly recommend is the Streetwize 2.5inch Screen Compact in-car Digital Video Recorder that is available for just £29.99 at Euro Car Parts.

How accident recorders work – and the numerous benefits

Accident recorders vary in price according to the manufacturer and the amount of technology involved. Some are simple dash cams that mount to the dashboard or windscreen while others contain a range of accessories; but the Streetwize product range is priced between £20 and £40 depending on the model.

You can also upgrade the amount of storage which is highly beneficial if you’re going on holiday and you want to record your road-trip, and you can get a 32GB SD card (which is sold separately) meaning that you don’t have to spend much more than £60 for the entire package.

Some of the very latest accident records feature technology including motion detection, meaning that they switch themselves on and start recording the moment that they detect the car moving – great for motorists who tend to forget that they have certain gadgets!

You can record up to 16hours of footage on a 32gb memory card, and my dash cam has a handy 2.5″ TFT screen for instant play back in the car if we can’t wait to watch it back at home on a computer.

What do you get with accident recorders?

When you buy yourself an accident recorder, you don’t just get a standard video camera like the one you might already have for filming your holiday or your children’s school plays.

Instead you get a device that can actually be used by the police and insurance companies as evidence to prove who was at fault for the incident and, in the case of your insurers, this can lead to a faster payout.

Included in the box are a range of the following components (depending on the make and model):

– HD In-Vehicle Video Journey Recorder

– Infrared night vision feature with motion sensing activation

– Continuous loop recording on SD card

– AVI HD Video – Quality Audio Video recording.

– Simple USB 2.0 Hi-Speed PC connection for fast downloading

– 32GB card

– 2.5 TFT Screen

– Real time on screen information

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