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Boost Pressure Sensors

About Boost Pressure Sensors

Boost pressure sensors can help maximise the power of your vehicle by regulating the air pressure within tuned engines. Fitting the right sensor for your make and model is vital, which is why our experts are at hand to guide you through our quality range.

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Boost pressure sensors are sophisticated technological devices that relay minute fluctuations in air pressure and air-fuel ratios to the boost controller in order to regulate performance and efficiency in turbocharged and supercharged engines. Without it, tuned and charged engines are capable of generating enough power to damage themselves, be it through excessive heat or poor efficiency. Boost pressure sensors monitor the speed and pressure of airflow in the intake manifold to ensure that tuned engines stay at optimum working temperatures and receive a specific balance of fuel and air. While boost controllers can be an easy, low cost way to draw out even more power from your tuned vehicle, without a quality boost pressure sensor your hard work can quickly be undone. Take a look at our extensive selection of boost pressure sensors and find the right one to tune your engine to its full potential.