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Make car wash day a breeze with our selection of brushes, specially designed for the task at hand. Our car cleaning brushes will scrub off dirt and grime with ease, while leaving your paintwork untouched. Take a look today!


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For some people, washing their car is a chore - but it’s much less painful when you’ve got all the right bits and bobs to hand. Use our car cleaning brushes to get your motor sparkling in no time. It’s important to use specially-made brushes when cleaning your car, as bristles that are too stiff risk scratching the paintwork or at least damaging the protective layer above. We stock tried-and-tested products that just target the grime, leaving your car shining, spotless and scratch-free. As well as brushes, we stock a wide selection of car shampoos, squeegees, waxes, polishes and more - we’re your one-stop shop for car wash day! Euro Car Parts has the largest selection of car parts and accessories you’ll find under one roof. With over 130,000 different products in stock, we pride ourselves on having everything our customers need - and if there’s anything we don’t have, we’ll do all we can to order it in for you.