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Suspension Kits

About Suspension Kits

For a sure-fire way to improve your car’s handling, be sure to take a look at our thorough and extensive range of performance suspension kits here at Euro Car Parts.

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As you probably already know, when you’re looking to install a performance suspension kit, it means completely replacing your existing shock and spring kit set-up. Many of these kind of performance kits lower your car, typically between 30 and 40mm, so be sure this is a commitment you’re willing to make before going any further! Thankfully, once you’ve made the decision to modify your car in this way, the kits we provide are very often a like-for-like replacement of the standard parts you’d typically expect to find under your car. To feel the full benefits, it’s always worth getting your mechanic to take a look at the car’s tracking and camber once you’ve added this mod - else you could find yourself wearing through your tyres needlessly quickly. Take a look at our range of performance suspension kits here at Euro Car Parts today, and be sure to get in touch if you’ve any questions.