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Make short work of removing mill scale or paintwork from metal with our range of high-quality scalers, all at great prices with free UK delivery.


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Scalers, also known as needlegun scalers or needle scalers, are incredibly useful tools for metal workers. Using a series of fine chisels, powered at speeds of up to 5,000rpm, they can swiftly remove mill scale or paintwork from metal. A job that would once have taken a great deal of time and effort can now be done quickly and efficiently, allowing the metal to then be either finished or prepared for re-painting. We have a wide selection of scalers available to you, from some of the top brands in the business. While there are a variety of price points for you to choose from, rest assured that we only select high-quality products, all of which come with full warranties. You get free UK delivery on scalers as part of the purchase price, or you can choose from our next-day delivery or click and collect options. For those buying from overseas, we also have a choice of competitive international rates.