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Make life in your workshop a little easier by taking the weight off your feet. We have a range of high-quality seats and stools available today.


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If you're spending more and more time in your workshop, you might be thinking it's about time to get somewhere to sit while you work. But before you go dragging a dining chair into the garage, a purpose-built workshop seat will offer you a much better solution for not much outlay. Whereas a standard chair is fixed to a height and has to be moved when you wish to turn, workshop stools can rotate in any direction, and typically come with casters to allow you to move across the floor easily without changing position. Not only that, the height will be adjustable to allow you to either sit down at a work bench, or get into a lower position to work directly on a part of the vehicle without having to crouch or bend. If you're working for long periods, the benefits to your comfort - and your back - can be significant. We offer free UK delivery on workshop seats, as well as next-day and click and collect options.