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Upgrade Headlamp Bulbs

Upgrade Headlamp Bulbs

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights can boost the power of your lights by up to 300%, ensuring your visibility even in the darkest conditions. Our HID kits are small and simple upgrades that can make a big difference to your drive.

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Headlights are an essential part of every vehicle, illuminating the road ahead for you and your fellow drivers. But because we use them every day, it can be easy to take the quality of our headlights for granted. HID lamps produce light via an electric arc between tungsten electrodes sealed in a quartz tube, filled with gas and metal salts. Facilitated by the gas, the arc heats and evaporates the metal salts, which form a light-emitting plasma. This HID technology triples the amount of light produced by standard filament lamps and is almost twice as efficient. Because of this, HID lamps last twice as long as their filament alternatives, generating 2,000 hours of their signature icy white-blue light. Like all headlight lamps though, HID lamps will eventually reach the end of their usable life. One sign to look for in old lamps is repeatedly cycling on and off upon start up, which occurs when the voltage needed to maintain the arc exceeds the amount of heat the lamp can sustain. Another sign that HID lamps need replacing is fading or discolouration of the light itself.

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