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Dip Stick Accessories

It's important to check your engine oil levels on a regular basis. This is to ensure that you have enough oil to lubricate and cool the system, allowing each moving part within the engine to move freely and easily for the best possible performance and maximum efficiency. To check your engine oil you have a part known as a dip stick that slides in and out of the engine to allow you to monitor the fluid levels. If you break any part of your dip stick while trying to check your oil don't panic, as Euro Car Parts have a range of dip stick accessories in stock for all makes and models. Our dip stick accessories are suitable for petrol and diesel engines and will enable you to quickly and easily check your engine oil. For advice or information on our dip stick accessories - or lubricants and fluids in general - visit your local branch of Euro Car Parts or get in touch with one of our experts. Show Less

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