Toolbox essentials: 10 tools every garage needs


When it comes to basic car maintenance, there are certain skills that every driver needs. However, without a decent set of tools, even the most skilled pair of hands will be about as much use as a chocolate teapot!

Whether you’re a first time driver or a seasoned pro, buying a decent set of tools is a real must – especially if you’re looking to keep your motor in tip-top condition.

Remember, a well-kept car is much more likely to hold its value compared to one that’s neglected, so buying some of these tools should definitely be seen as a sound investment as opposed to luxury spending. . . .


Looking to remove nuts and bolts in a quick and efficient way? Look no further than a ratchet. What’s great about this particular tool is that it comes in handy in multiple situations, whether you’re removing headlights or tightening any loose fittings.


So you’ve reached for your ratchet to remove a tricky bolt and find that the head keeps spinning at the other side – time to reach for the spanners, my friend. Just as important as a ratchet, aim for sizes 6mm right through to 32mm.

Angle grinder

Ok, so the bolt is rusty, seized and your spanner/ratchet combination isn’t doing the trick. It sounds like you’re going to need to up the ante and reach for the angle grinder. Aim to spend around £30 and don’t forget to pick up some spare discs.


With the bolt head now cut away thanks to your awesome new angle grinder, you’re going to need something to prize the bolt from its fitting. This is where a good set of pliers can help, saving you from burning or cutting your fingers.


Whether you’re pimping your car’s interior or fixing a leaky pipe under the hood, a screwdriver serves a multitude of purposes. Make sure you invest in both a Phillips set as well as some flats to ensure all bases are covered.


Trying to find a particular fitting, pipe or bolt head in the dark can be an absolute nightmare, which is why it’s so important to invest in a torch. Needing a more hands-free option? Look no further than an LED headband torch.

Telescopic mirror

Just as a torch makes everything that little bit easier when working under the hood, a telescopic mirror is an absolute godsend when tinkering around the engine bay. Pick one up for less than a tenner and never bump your head on the intake manifold again!

Test probe

When it comes to working with electrics, such as headlights, dashboard lights and washer jets, a test probe can go a long way in helping you find whether you have a live, or a dud connection in your car’s circuitry.

Crimping tool

Once you’ve identified a frayed or broken wire, you’re going to need to strip a new piece and crimp it together – which is where a crimping tool comes in handy. Pick one up for under £20 here at Euro Car Parts today.

Pry bar

Sick of snapping screwdrivers and damaging your spanners? Sounds like it’s time to invest in a pry bar. Perfect for when you need an extra bit of leverage to remove a wheel or stubborn fitting, pick up a set of four today.

Missing any of these essentials from your toolbox? Get fully stocked and explore the range at Euro Car Parts today.