4 Steps To Start A Car That Has Been Sitting For Months

Cars are not meant to sit around they are meant to be used. When they sit for a long time parts may get rusty and fluids in the engine and transmission may start to break down. For this reason, we have written 4 steps to start a car that has been sitting for months.

First, if you cant start your vehicle with your car key, you can use a lock dry lube. This provides lubrication so your keys can slide in and out without getting stuck.

The first step to start a car is to…

  1. Check Your Engine oil: This should be your first step. When a vehicle isn’t used, insects and animals like to make your car their new homes. Their nests may be made out of straw and leaves, which can catch fire in a hot engine.

Inspect the grille for creatures, leaves and debris so your car doesn’t overheat when it starts.

Next, you should check and change your engine oil.

Following this, use fogging oil on each of the cylinder walls of your engine.

When an engine sits for a long time oil drips down to the bottom of the drain pan. So the cylinders are usually dry. To fog the engine you should remove the spark plug wire and spark plug.

To spark the cylinder, spray the spark plug oil in each of the cylinders. This should completely lubricate the upper combustion chamber.

2. Drain the petrol/ Diesel tank: Grab a petrol hose and remove the petrol from your tank into a keg and replace it.

You can take your old petrol to the local recycling centre.

3. Check the coolant: Use a hydrometer to take a sample of your coolant to check if it is in good condition.

4. Check Brake Fluid: Make sure the brake fluid is in between the maximum and minimum marking.

If you check all these engine components and your car fails to start you might be able to start your vehicle with a jump starter. You may need to add a starter fluid to the fuel pump too.

Your car should start now!

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