7 Ways to Maximise Your In-Car Storage

Kids helping to pack the family car for road trip.

Whether you’re packing up to visit family, driving somewhere for a staycation or headed out for a long distance road trip, fitting everything into your car can be tricky. There are plenty of ways to maximise your in-car storage, like efficient packing, car organisers and more – but if you’re really struggling for space, you can even opt for some additional exterior storage.

Keep reading to discover our best tips for making the most of the space in your car, and you’ll be ready to hit the road in no time!

1. Start with a clean and clear car

This might sound obvious, but if you try and pack your car for a holiday when it’s full of the debris that builds up throughout the week, you’re bound to use the space less efficiently. Make sure essentials like sunglasses, snacks and your dashboard pad are stowed in the glovebox, but anything else that won’t be useful on your trip can go.

2. Utilise your visor

Always rummaging for your parking ticket, or scrabbling for your bank card at tolls? You can easily transform your vehicle’s sun visor into a small storage space with a visor organiser. This is the ideal place to keep things that you need to be within arm’s reach, like small change for parking or house keys, but it can also hold up to 10 CDs.

Seat Tidy

3. Make the most of backseat storage

If you’re travelling with kids or more than one other passenger, keeping the backseat organised is essential. Stow heavy items in the footwell or between seats if there’s room, and invest in a backseat organiser so your passengers have somewhere to keep their travel accessories too.

4. Organise your boot

Once you’ve got rid of the standard boot clutter, it’s worth working out exactly what you need to keep in the car at all times. Why not consolidate the essentials, like your first aid kit, jerry can and jump leads, into one convenient boot tidy? That way you know exactly how much space you’ve got left to work with for the rest of your luggage.

Boot Tidy

5. Take advantage of in-car hooks

Taking a suit or dress on your trip? You might not have spotted them before, but lots of modern cars have hooks situated by the rear passenger windows. If there’s no one sitting in the backseat, these are the perfect way of transporting your smart clothes without risking a wrinkle.

6. Store your bikes outside the car

Stashing your bike in the car, no matter how craftily you do it, will hugely reduce the amount of storage space available for other items. Not to mention, it could also damage your car interior with fabric snags or grease transfer. An exterior cycle carrier is a great solution, and at Euro Car Parts, we stock both roof and rear mounted bike racks for cars which can carry up to four bikes, so the whole family can join in.

Car  Roof Rack with Luggage

7. Invest in a roof box

There’s only a certain amount of re-packing you can do, and if your car is simply too small for your belongings, it might be time to invest in a roof box. A smart way to keep your extra luggage safe and dry, a roof box will hugely extend the storage space in your car, and at Euro Car Parts, you’ll find them in a range of sizes, at affordable prices.

So there you have it – from strategic packing to handy accessories, we hope these in car storage tips will help you make the most of your vehicle on your next trip.