How To Care For Your Car’s Headlights

Care for your headlights

When it comes to keeping you safe and legal on the road, it’s really important to make sure your headlights aren’t just clean, but working as they ought to be too.

Thankfully, ensuring everything is as it should be with your headlights isn’t a tough task, and the majority of the jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home whether you’re a confident mechanic or the type of driver who panics at the very sight of a spanner.

The Perfect Polish

If you’ve started to notice that your headlights don’t shine as bright as they used to, this could be a sign that they’re in need of sprucing up. If this sounds familiar, be sure to invest in a little extra toothpaste the next time you head to the shops.

It may sounds strange, but thanks to the abrasive nature of everyday toothpaste, adding a small amount to a cloth and rubbing in small circular motions on the lens of your headlights can restore them back to their former glory. Sure, the results may not be permanent, but it’ll certainly be enough to keep you safe and legal throughout the remaining winter months.

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Check Fuses

If you notice that things go dark whenever you select your sidelights, main beams or dipped beams, there’s a chance you may have blown a fuse. So before you crack open the tool box and start faffing about changing any bulbs, first, try fixing the problem from the comfort of your cosy warm cabin.

Begin by locating your car’s fuse box (underneath the glove box is a great place to start) before locating the fuse for your car’s headlights. Once you’ve found it, replace the fuse with one of the same amperage before testing to see if the problem is fixed.

Remember, there may be more than one fuse per headlight function, so be sure to check them all.

Go Big on Bulbs

Provided you’ve tested the fuse, if your headlights still aren’t working as they should, the next logical step is to change the bulbs.

While you may think the best way of getting into your headlights is from the front of your car, almost all headlights are accessed from the back, so start by opening the bonnet before sussing out the best approach to take (we’d recommend consulting your car manual here).

Once you’ve located the bulb in question, remove it by either unscrewing it, or simply unclipping it from its plastic fitting. Then, insert your new bulb, test it and then, if everything is as it should be, put it all back to how it should be. Once you’ve done this, repeat the procedure on your other headlight to avoid having one side brighter than the other.

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