Best Satnav Apps of 2021

Car Driver with GPS SatNav App At Night

Left your satnav at home, don’t have the budget to invest in one, prefer to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, or simply want to make the most of the devices you already have? Whatever your situation, there are various navigation apps for smartphones available.

While it’s illegal to pick up and use your handset while driving, it’s perfectly acceptable to make use of intelligent hands-free features while on the go. In fact, most cars offer Bluetooth connectivity as standard, plus features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to further make the most of your phone’s smart driving features.

So, if you’re looking to get from A to B without a satnav, pop your phone in its holder, and load up our favourite navigation apps today. 

Google Maps

• Price: Free
• Available: iOS and Android
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible: Yes

Google Maps has been the leading mobile navigation app for many years, and still doesn’t show any signs of losing popularity. It’s easy to use, and for many Android devices, it’s the default navigation app that comes loaded straight out of the box.

Free to install and use, this mobile-optimized app has a number of features that make discovering a new route easier – from live traffic updates and mobile speed camera alerts, to alternate route suggestions and the ability to turn down the volume of background apps while giving verbal instruction. From road closures, to finding the nearest petrol station en route, Google Maps is a favourite of many road trip lovers.


• Price: Free
• Available: iOS and Android
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible: Yes

Another navigation favourite is Waze. Much like Google Maps, it’s packed full of useful features to make getting to a new destination less stressful. From asking if you need parking nearby when you enter a new postcode, to allowing you to control external entertainment apps without leaving your route, Waze is a great app for short trips and long journeys.

There are loads of extras designed to make every drive convenient, like finding the cheapest fuel sold on your route if you start running low, and plenty of Google style-alerts based on real-time traffic updates. If there’s an accident, a mobile speed camera or backed up traffic anywhere along your route, Waze will let you know well in advance.

Waze App

TomTom GO

• Price: £1.99 per month/£12.99 per year
• Available: iOS and Android
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible: Yes

While satnavs may not be everyone’s go to, TomTom remains at the forefront of daily navigation with the TomTom GO app. However, for this premium navigation app, you’ll have to pay a subscription – but don’t worry, prices are more than reasonable. From just £1.99 a month, this app provides great value if you’re someone who’s always on the road.

TomTom GO includes helpful features like Moving Lane Guidance, which takes the guesswork out of lane choosing and makes “the wrong exit” a thing of the past. You’ll find real-time updates with an accurate ETA, and you can even share your location with chosen connections – great for showing your family know you got home safe, or letting your colleagues know you’ll be late to the office.

TomTom Go App

Apple Maps

• Price: Free
• Available: iOS
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible: Apple CarPlay only

Apple Maps comes loaded on iPhones straight out of the box and remains one of the most popular navigation apps on the market. There’s plenty of great features to take advantage of, from real-time traffic updates to speed and red-light camera warnings. You can even see travel updates while en route, so you’ll never miss that flight or train again.

However, the main drawback of Apple Maps is that it’s only available to iOS users. Unfortunately, if you’re an Android user, you’ll find your device isn’t compatible with this popular navigation app – including cars featuring Android Auto. If your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay however, you’ll get access to features in full.

Sygic Navigation & Maps

• Price: £31.99
• Available: iOS and Android
• Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatible: Yes

Perfect if you’re someone who struggles following satnavs, Sygic’s unique 3D maps are realistic enough to follow without being distracting. They’re updated regularly, meaning you’ll always be able to spot key similarities to help you find the right turning or exit. Like the other apps in this list, Sygic also uses real-time traffic updates too, so you can always avoid a jam.

You’ll find all the features you’d expect from a premium satnav app, like speed camera warnings, parking suggestions, Dynamic Lane Assistance and more. Plus, with millions of point of interest locations loaded directly into the app, you’ll never run out of places to explore with Sygic.

Sygic App

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