Car Jacks And Axle Stands Explained

There are lots of reasons why you might need to reach for your car jacks. You could simply have a flat tyre and need to change it, or you could be getting greasy by climbing underneath for some tinkering. Whatever your reason for reaching for the car jacks these simple, yet efficient, lumps of metal are the ideal tool for lifting any vehicle.

Car Jacks: The Right Tool For The Job

There are 3 main types of lifting jack to jack up a car, each of these have their advantages which are briefly summed up below.

Scissor JacksCar Jacks - Scissor Jack are compact and relatively lightweight. If you have a spare tyre in your car the chances are you already have one of these car jacks. Scissor jacks are great for emergency lifts, such as changing a tyre at the side of the road. However, they aren’t the most stable type of jack and should always be used on level ground.

Car Jacks - Bottle JackBottle Jacks are just as compact as scissor jacks except they can generally lift much heavier vehicles. The main downside of a bottle jack is the clearance needed to place under a vehicle, they are however more stable than scissor jacks.

Car Jacks - Trolley jackTrolley Jacks are arguably the best type of car jack available. Their strength, stability and maneuverability make them ideal for both professional and home mechanics alike. Trolley jacks are able to fit under lower cars than a bottle jack and lift the car higher than either option above. Overall a great all rounder.

Car Jacks - Axle StandsAxle Stands (aka Jack stands) are the perfect accompaniment to any of the above car jacks. They are designed to support your vehicles weight allowing you to get down and dirty under the car, without the worry of it falling on top of you. Just make sure you have Axle stands that are capable of holding the weight of your vehicle. The most common weight capacities are 2 Ton, 3 Ton & 4 Ton. However, Euro Car Parts have Axle stands capable of holding 44 Tons.

Other Ways To Lift Your Vehicle

Air JacksCar Jacks - Air Jacks are renowned for their safety, reliability and the speed of which they can lift a vehicle. This type of car jack tends to be used more by garages than the home mechanic.

Wheel ChocksCar Jacks - Wheel Chocks are an important item when it comes to raising your vehicle for essential maintenance, especially if you’re only lifting one side of the car. Wedging a set of chocks behind the wheels will prevent the car from rolling if the car jacks shift or fail.

Car RampsCar Jacks - Car Ramp are an easy to use alternative to car jacks. Simply place the ramps in front (or behind if you’re working on the back of the vehicle) and drive gently up. Euro Car Parts have a great set of Sealey car ramps that are perfect for both professional and home mechanics. These stackable ramps can safely hold 2 Tons.

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