Dashcams: are they worth it?


Being cut up, stalling at traffic lights and middle lane cruisers – just three things that annoy most drivers on what can feel like a daily basis. But what happens when these everyday niggles actually cause an accident?


In most circumstances, the parties involved recite their respective narratives to their insurance companies, who will then battle it out to settle the claim. Evidence will be collected, court dates may be set and mounds of paperwork will be filled out. It’s a real drag – especially if you end up paying for something that wasn’t your fault.


That’s where dashcams come in handy. By filming the road as you drive, every minor detail is recorded for all to see, meaning that if the worst happens, you’ll be able to provide concrete proof of who is to blame.


Such evidence is especially handy given the rise of organised insurance fraud, a crime that grew by 21% between 2014 and 2015 – equating to hundreds of pounds being added to innocent driver’s premiums each year.


Dashcams can also be used as a tool to reduce insurance renewal price, with some companies knocking off 15%  for drivers who use these handy gadgets. Sure, that number might not sound like much, but if you’re a new driver or have recently lost your no claims bonus, 15% could easily be a discount of £100-£200.


Price-wise, dashcams provide great value for money. For under £100, a HD cam that mounts to your rear view mirror is a sound investment – and options such as the Prestigio RoadRunner RR560 prove just that. Several products come with a warranty, and should easily last between five to ten years. Who knows how much you could save during that time?


With increasing levels of crime, urban traffic and congestion on the roads, it’s easy to see why so many people have been investing in dashcams. Not only do they provide excellent value for money, they could also save you thousands should you be involved in an accident that’s not your fault.


Find the perfect dashcam here at EuroCarParts.com and protect yourself against the worst occurring – you could just save a small fortune!