Dashcams: Are They Worth It?


Accidents can happen on the road, but in reality very few of them are down to deliberate driving errors. While there are everyday habits that some motorists seem to adopt, such as tailgating, delayed indication and middle lane cruising, we know that they don’t usually cause us a problem. But what happens if it turns into one of those rare occasions when you’re caught up in a scene, but aren’t to blame, and there are no eye witnesses other than those who were in the vehicles involved? This is when a dashcam might come in handy, and offers the perfect opportunity to explain what a dashcam does, and to investigate whether dashcams are worth it. 

What Is A Dashcam?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal recorded footage of your car journeys, and the activity that goes on around you when you’re in transit? Well, this is exactly what the dashcam was designed to capture. They film the road as you drive, capturing the actions of both you and your fellow motorists, with some cameras even offering the option to keep rolling when you park up overnight, to ensure that both you and your car stay safe.

You can select from dashcams that record through your front windscreen, your rear windscreen or even provide 360-degree-footage, including that of the interior of your car. The recording is vital when documenting evidence to the police if your car has been involved in an incident.

Do I Need A Dashcam?

It’s all well and good having hours of your car journeys recorded, but will you ever want to watch any of it back? A dashcam really comes into its own if you’re involved in a collision, your car is vandalised or if you’re pulled over by the police and you potentially need to use the footage as evidence.

The recording from your dashcam can be used as the best witness for evidence in any matter than involves your car, and can make it more straightforward to resolve an insurance claim. Following an accident, all of those who are involved are required to provide their account of the incident to their insurance company, in order to file a claim. If required it can also be used in court, if it becomes a matter that needs to be solved through judicial means. However, dashcam footage presents a clear picture of an incident and acts as an impartial witness of events.

And alongside keeping a record of events, the RAC suggests that having a dashcam can save you hundreds, or even potentially thousands of pounds in the event of an accident. In certain circumstances, there’s also the bonus that some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who use dashcams.

Choosing The Right Dashcam

There are many different dashcams out there, with something to fit all budgets and specific requirements. So, whether you’re looking for a piece of kit to act as peace of mind, a professional driver who wants to invest in something that will benefit you while at work, or someone who wants the latest tech, there’s something out there for you.

If you’re looking for your first dashcam, try Object’s Mirrored Front and Rear Dashcam, which offers fantastic footage from its 720HD camera and features night vision, all for under £30.

For those who drive for a living, such as taxi drivers or chauffeurs for hire, then a dashcam which has a wide-angled-lens capable of capturing a full snap-shot of the car’s interior is essential. A Nextbase Dashcam Rear Facing Camera Wide not only has capacity to record the backseat of the car, but also the view out of the side windows, ensuring security for all inside the vehicle. Crucially, it also has Night Vision mode, so it can continue recording while parked and be combined with other Nextbase dashcams, making sure that there are no blindspots.

If you are passionate about trying to connect the dots with your tech, so want a dashcam that can sync with your other devices, there are a number of models on the market which are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Being paired with this platform means the voice controlled Nextbase 522GW Dashcam with Amazon Alexa is not only able to film and record journeys in crystal clear 1440p Quad HD, but also provides an SOS feature which alerts emergency services to your location if you’re involved in an accident. It even has Bluetooth, so any crash footage is automatically sent to your paired Bluetooth device. 

Discover your ideal dashcam here at Euro Car Parts – not only could it be an investment that saves you money in the long term, but also potentially save you thousands should you be involved in an accident that’s not your fault.